Projects by Finishes, Inc.

We present several of our projects to demonstrate the scope of our work and diversity in its performance. Our scope includes Division 9 trades (Metal framing, drywall, plaster, exterior insulated finish systems and acoustical), as well as experience in specialty items such as Acoustical Treatment, GRG, Security panels, Metal Ceilings, Column Covers, cold-formed framing, doors, frames & hardware.

Included in our project listings are new construction, renovations, and new additions to schools, correctional facilities, elderly/assisted living, auto dealerships, and office buildings. Should you have a specific need, please contact our office for further information.

Tuscaroca High in Frederick County

Finishes Inc ProjectFrederick County Public Schools should be proud of their addition to the scores of high schools in the county. Construction began in 2001 with the grand opening to be celebrated with the beginning of the 2003 – 2004 school year. What a beautiful project. Click to enlarge

Our scope included the exterior structural framing as well as numerous interior specialty products, adding challenge and interest for our well-qualified craftsmen. Details such as “Main Street” consist of a two-story hallway with skylights, acoustical panels, and radius walls and bulkheads. Other interesting aspects of the school includes the Choral Room with sound panels on the walls and fiberglass reflective ceiling panels placed in the acoustical ceilings. Highlighting the skill of our craftsmen, the auditorium design includes curved and barreled bulkheads and drywall reflective panels to help balance the acoustics. Raised platforms were also constructed the in the Computer Labs by our craftsmen. Frederick County Public Schools did not miss a trick in this design. All in all the school is first rate, in design as well as construction.

University of Maryland – Baltimore

“Awesome” was the word The Building Congress & Exchange of Metropolitan Baltimore, Inc. used to describe the Curved Drywall Soffits at the UMBC/Student Commons Building, completed by FINISHES, INC’s crew of skilled craftsman, supervised by our field team leader, Tom Reid, Sr.

The Building was designed by architects from Design Collective, Inc., engineered by ReStl Designers, and managed by Barton/Malow Construction Company, Inc. This project proved to be most impressive, as well as successful.
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Under the expertise of our team, the bulkheads were erected 27 feet in the air, running a length of 100 – 150 feet, turning out crisp and exact, a true test of the craftsmanship of our crew.

On November 1, 2003, our team was honored at the 64th Annual Craftsmanship Awards Dinner at the Boumi Temple. Dan McCarty, employed by FINISHES, INC. for the last fourteen years, was presented the 2002 Craftsmanship Award for his work on the curved soffits at UMBC/Student Commons. The tight radius of the soffits proved to be difficult to frame as well as to drywall. The finishing of these soffits was completed by Fred Peach and Matt Morris of FINISHES, INC. What a result these two finishers achieved…sharp radius beads gave crisp clean lines to the curved structure. Our hats are off to the crew of fine craftsmen who completed this project for FINISHES, INC.